Herr Jaffe

My Hebrew teacher, Herr Jaffe, bred canaries.  He offered Hänschen to my sisters and me.  One day, Hänschen flew out an open window.  We were shocked and saddened.  We shed many tears despite our father’s attempts to comfort us.

In the middle of the night, my father awoke to Hänschen’s song. He called the fire department.  Soon, many upturned faces were scanning the trees, looking for the elusive little, yellow creature.

Herr Jaffe was held in high esteem by Renate.  He was a kind, gentle teacher. His story is a mystery, but we do know he made it alive to Israel.  If you have any information on this teacher, we would appreciate hearing from you.

After Hänschen’s rescue, the world turned dark.  Renate’s family was denied any rescue or hope from the same people who rescued Hänschen.  The irony remains inexplicable.