I Do Not Wish to Confront Hate with Hate

Grandparents who have lost a grandchild, undoubtedly share my despair caused by Joahnna’s death at age twenty at the hands of James, a rabid anti-Semitic.  I pondered the day she died whether Johanna had opened my email in the morning before she went to classes and then to work where she was shot.  I had told her once again that I love her, but then I asked myself “what difference does it make now?”  In disbelief, I waited for an answer to my email.

As devastated as I am, I am determined to continue Johanna’s efforts to make the world a safer place for people of various backgrounds and all religious Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and others.  I do not wish to confront hate with hate.

Johanna can no long help us, but join me in my striving to honor her by making a strong commitment to win respect and justice for all people every where.53e2051e1aeab.image